Who I am

My name is Alex, I’m a French native.

French is my mother tongue, but I want to be clear, I’m not a professional French teacher.
I love my country and its language and I also love to share and exchange about languages.  I’m learning English on my own and it has been an interesting experience so far.
I’m not yet perfectly fluent in English, but I am making rapid progress.

The course of my learning has driven me to try different methods, approaches and I am still trying more. Each time I was struggling to improve my English skills and having trouble to exceed my current level, I tried a new approach and define new intermediate goals to keep motivation. Again, and again, it has always worked! This has made me realize that there are a thousand and one ways to learn a language.
This should not be surprising, after all, we’re all different, and what works for you might not work for someone else! This in my opinion is pivotal in learning.

Through this medium, I want to share my language learning experience and my French (from France) knowledge!

Why I created this blog?

The idea behind the creation of this blog is quite an interesting story.  It started the day I decided to find some language partners.
Quickly, I started speaking to a lot of English natives who were learning French.
One day, while I was helping a language partner, I made an incredible discovery, a discovery which would forever change the way I learned English!

What was this discovery?

I found out during my course of teaching French to some English natives, my own English had improved although I thought I didn’t train since some months!
I realized that helping people about French in English was an unbelievable way to upgrade my language skills.
It is fun, rewarding, and the irony of it all is that you don’t realize you’re also training while teaching people French!

If you were wondering why I created this blog, it is as simple as this. I create this blog to help people about French while training my English!

Why “Build your French” as name?


I wanted to do something original, while playing with words.
It was quite readily found because there is an analogy I have always loved about language learning: building!

Let me explain:
– First, you have to define a goal, and intermediate goals, to keep motivation.
– After, it’s essential to start building strong and inflexible foundations, the basics of the learned language.
– Then, you can construct your structure step by step by adding building blocks : new vocabulary, new pronunciation, new conjugation point, etc…